Project Development & Appraisal

Project appraisal is the process of assessing and questioning proposals before resources are committed. This section is responsible for preparation of projects for Skill Development Trainings, suggesting the future policy for improvement in TVET sector, its approval from the respective forum and keeping liaison with Planning Commission to resolve the related issues. Its major functions are as under:

  • Preparation of training schemes for demand driven trades
  • Appraisal of Projects received from Regional Offices/ Public & Private Organizations
  • Preparation of PC-I/PC-II O for implementation of TVET Projects
  • Coordination with TEVTAs & Public/Private Org
  • Convene Projects Steering Committee Meetings
  • To develop projects and prepare training plan for Demand Driven Trades
  • Suggest ways & means for effective linkages with Industry
  • Project identification in the light of goals & objectives of NAVTTC

  Steps in Feasibility Analysis

  1. Project objectives & identification
  2. Feasibility in terms of demand and supply
  3. Financial analysis
  4. Economic analysis

  Process of Project Development & Appraisal

  Project Life Cycle

  Technical Appraisal

  • Concept and Objectives of training
  • Capacity of the Training Institute
  • Flexibility & other facilities
  • Evaluation of technology/Equipment
  • Location & linkage with industry
  • Assurance of employability

  Financial Appraisal

  • Cost of Project
  • Sources of Finance
  • Financial evaluation-NAVTTC Standard

  Economic Appraisal

  • Employment Effect
  • Cost benefit analysis